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Cicero Intel

Cicero Intel can run a background check on just about any individual, address, or business in the United States. If we can't find your subject - you get your money back!

There’re a lot of online background check services. Some are better than others, but the sources of their data are from the same public sources. We use sources that are NOT available to the public and these sources are well maintained and updated much more often than those cheap online background check services. Some data from our sources are updated every 24 hours while the same data from the online background check services are updated once a month and, in some cases, the data is updated once every two years. Therefore, our background checks are the most current, accurate, and reliable.


Cicero Intel offers several types of background checks:

  • Comprehensive Background Check - 360-degree view on just about anyone (up to 300 pages)

  • Premium Address Report  - Gather data on just about any address

  • Premium Business Report - Gather data on just about any business

  • Dossier - A background check on steroids; click here for more information (Our most popular service)


A dossier is a background check on steroids.

  • All data is legally collected, processed, and disseminated to the client(s)

  • All techniques are legal, but most are never revealed to anyone – not even to our client(s)

  • The subject(s) of a dossier could be an individual, business, or an organization

  • The subject(s) of a dossier will never know they are being investigated

Cicero Intel has access to over 300 intelligence/investigative gathering non-public and subscription-based Websites/databases.

Conducting in-depth research requires an advanced level of experience. Read about our experience here.

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