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HUMINT Collectors

Cicero Intel

Our team includes over 20 HUMINT Collectors. They act primarily as our open source collectors who collect intelligence on and off the Internet.


Our HUMINT Collectors are students, teachers, military service members, medical professionals, housewives, homeless persons, etc. The HUMINT Collectors are capable of infiltrating any business, organization, social media profile, dating Website, etc. to gather intelligence for our investigations and intelligence missions.

Typical missions

  • Infiltrate social media sites to collect intelligence on individuals, businesses, and organizations

  • Catch child abusers, child predictors, human traffickers, elderly abusers, and marriage cheaters

  • Infiltrate workplace environments to investigate workplace harassment and discrimination claims

  • Participate in meetings, rallies, and demonstrations to gather intelligence 


All HUMINT collection tactics, techniques, and procedures are conducted in a legally defensible manner. All products can withstand the scrutiny of the courts.

Due to the sensitive nature of their work, additional details are only available to vetted clientele.