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There's some investigative work you can do on your own, but surveillance shouldn't be one of them. If you get caught, you could get in legal trouble. Leave the surveillance to the professionals.

By combining our services, we can create many types of investigations. Here are some examples:

  • Cheating Spouse Investigations

  • Child Abuse / Elderly Abuse Investigations

  • Restraining Order Violation Investigations

  • Cyber Harassment / Cyber Bullying Investigations

  • Workplace / Neighborhood Bullying Investigations

  • Missing Persons Investigations

  • Skip Tracing

  • Workers' Compensation & Insurance Fraud Investigations

  • Fact-Finding Investigations

  • Locate Long-Lost Family Members

  • Locate Active Duty Service Members / Veterans

  • Process Serve

  • Many more

Cicero Intel


Service area: Washington state

There're a lot of laws designed to protect one's privacy - and that's a good thing. But, there’re times when someone's actions, or perceived actions, need to be scrutinized and secretly observed while staying within the law. Breaking the law could land you in civil and criminal trouble. Cicero Intel knows the law and knows how to use mobile and stationary surveillance to catch the subject(s) in the act.

Examples of surveillance used for investigations: catch cheating spouses, catch vandalism, find missing persons, expose fake insurance or disability claims, or just follow someone to determine his/her daily routine or to discover patterns.

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Cicero Intel


Service area: Washington state

Cicero Intel will help setup legal surveillance devices (audio and video) in your home or office to catch suspected wrongdoing.

Examples include catching cheating spouses, identifying child abuse, busting stealing nannies or maids, finding office thieves, etc. Digital surveillance is very tricky and there’re numerous laws pertaining to digital surveillance. Cicero Intel will strictly follow the law.

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Cicero Intel


Service area: Washington state

Cicero Intel provides real-time overhead coverage of suspected illegal activity, demonstrations, rallies, and other outdoor activities. Drone surveillance is also ideal for surveilling large or hard to reach areas.

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Cicero Intel


Service area: Washington state

Cicero Intel has the ability to access the License Plate Recognition cameras' database which is fed by cameras throughout the country. These cameras have recorded nine billion vehicle sightings with up to 160 million sightings added each month.

This access gives us instant access to current and historical locations of vehicles across the United States. This innovative tool allows us to plot multiple sightings for the same vehicle on a single map to uncover the most likely locations of search subjects.

Vehicle Sightings and Tracking allows us to:

  • Plot multiple sightings for the same vehicle

  • Discover the most likely locations of search subjects

  • Reveal the predictive travel patterns of subjects

  • Identify potential associates, relationships, and contacts

  • Locate subjects who are actively avoiding contact


Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Note: This service is only available for certain types of investigations.


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Cicero Intel


Service area: Washington state

Available now. Description coming soon.


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