Cicero Intel


Is Cicero Intel licensed and insured?

Yes, Cicero Intel is licensed as a Private Investigative Agency in Washington state and insured. Our license number is 2377.

I'm thinking about hiring you. Where do we meet?

We prefer to meet clients at a coffee shop, a library, or another public place. Why? Often clients who hire us for investigative services think they have tracking devices on their phones or vehicles. If this is the case, if they visit a private investigator's office, the client's whereabouts would be compromised by the one who placed the tracker on their phones or vehicles. This is a major concern for a lot of our clients; therefore, it's a major concern for us. In many cases, we can communicate completely online or on the phone.

Can you place a GPS tracker on a vehicle?

Maybe... If you're on the vehicle's title, then yes, we can. For example, if you suspect your spouse is cheating, and you would like to place a GPS tracker on his or her vehicle, you must be on the vehicle's title for us to place a GPS tracker on the vehicle. We can do it even if both of your names are on the title. However, you must provide us a copy of the title. If you're not on the title, then we can't place a GPS tracker on the vehicle. Old fashion surveillance work is the best answer in these cases.

I need to find information on someone. What should I do?

You should contact us. Background checks are the nuclei of investigations. Our background checks are great for people who just want the facts on a specific person, address, or business. Maybe you want to find more information about the parents of your daughter’s new friend before she goes over for a sleepover. Maybe you want to know about your son’s Scout Master before the weekend camping trip. If that’s still not enough, consider a very intrusive dossier.

Where do you get the information for your investigations?

We use databases that are only available to law enforcement, government agencies, and investigators. These databases are much more accurate than the databases used by on-line background check companies. Also, we have access to over 300 intelligence gathering non-public and subscription-based Websites/databases to aid us in our projects.

Why are your background check services more expensive than online background check services?

Our background check services are more expensive because we use a variety of sources, not a one-stop-shop database, thus our research is very labor intensive. Also, many of our sources charge us a fee for every search we conduct.